Condition Monitoring

Movus FitMachine

Parr & Co are a New Zealand sales distributor of Movus FitMachine.

The all-in-one Equipment Monitoring and end-to-end Predictive Maintenance Solution for your business.

The Movus FitMachine is a compact sensor that attaches to a range of assets. It combines artificial intelligence (AI) with a sensor to a cloud-based monitoring system to provide for a cost effective and unique end-to-end predictive maintenance solution.

In simple terms – how it works:
• A working baseline of vibration, temperature and noise is established
• Information is despatched to the cloud and meaningful data collected on the condition and degradation of the asset
• A warning alert is activated when the machine deviates from its baseline

Customers have the opportunity to gain access into the FitMachine Machine Cloud Dashboard which is a central application for viewing and analysis of the machine’s health, degradation, utilisation, and energy.

The dashboard is designed to provide real-time insights into plant equipment trends in an easy to read format allowing customers to track the health of their assets and schedule planned downtime for further investigation or repair.

By using cloud-based data it gives the customer the flexibility to view the health of their assets remotely and allows them to independently manage their assets without requiring a specialised person onsite.

Key Benefits:
• Provides the opportunity to divert maintenance staff to specific machines, rather than undertaking precautionary assessments on all machinery across a plant or site which leads to more efficient and effective maintenance capabilities
• Ability to catch issues prior to breakdown stage which leads to prevention of asset down-time
• Ability to extend equipment life which will generate greater cost-savings and increase profit to the bottom line.

Effective condition monitoring using a combined service approach can ensure maximum asset life, with a minimum operating cost.

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